Body By Vi – Taste?

Mmmm, Body By Vi in my Belly….


Body By ViOur box of Body By Vi has arrived and we open it like a kid on Christmas Day, eager to begin our 90 day Challenge. We open the bag and the air fills with a sweet aroma, I go to put my finger in for a taste but my girlfriend slaps my hand.

I am suddenly sad but my belly reminds me of the delicious voyage we are about to embark on. I grab the bag full of various flavours and like a dog with two bowls of food in front of it, am faced with a tough decision but manage to pull through and surface with a bag of chocolate. My old friend that has never let me down before.

Body By Vi

I hastily reach for a few cups knocking a box of cereal off the counter at the same time, but like a man on a mission….nothing will stand in my way. I strategically place the cups where they will be able to receive maximum scoopability, and like a brain surgeon ninja have transferred the delicious Visalus with the greatest of ease to not one but two cups that now are awaiting orders.

I top the Body By Vi with the chocolate powder and the healthy ingredients chill together while I retrieve the milk.

With no time to waste the fridge is left open while the milk is being poured over the soon to be delicious shakes. Time almost seems to stop while the three of them combine into one, within a few stirs of the spoon they dissolve with the greatest of ease.

Finally the moment was upon us, the hair stood up on my arm as we reached for the cups. We stared into each other’s eyes as we tapped our glasses together and said.

Let the Body By Vi Challenge begin.

Body By Vi

I have heard of euphoria but never thought I would ever experience it till now. Like a wave, completely overwhelming us and our taste buds. I tried to stop at one sip, but found myself face to face with an empty cup before there was time to recall what just happened.

They call this a Challenge? But how can a Challenge taste so good??? It tastes like I should be putting weight on. I look over my shoulder because at this point I’m curious if this drink is actually legal, being such a perfect and complete healthy package.

Body By Vi

But what really cooked my noodle was how easy it has been so far. The hardest part will be cleaning up the kitchen from the mess that was made in my haste to taste the sweet nectar. The rumors were true, Body By Vi has lived up to its name. I looked over to my girlfriend and she looked over at me but for the first time in our relationship no words needed to be said, for what word would you use to replace perfection.

By this point our dog Khaos had reached in the fridge and helped herself to the deli meats in the door, but there was no resistance from the masters because this was indeed a glorious day…..a day that called for celebration...

Body By Vi

Body By Vi, Life, Health, Prosperity

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